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P8000 Wireless Pile Integrity Tester
  • P8000 Wireless Pile Integrity Tester
  • P8000 Wireless Pile Integrity Tester
P8000 Wireless Pile Integrity Tester
By using the reflected wave method, the instrument is used to assess the integrity of concrete pile and identify the extent and location of the pile defect. It can be used for testing drilled piles and hammer piles. It can also be used for testing the exposed top surface of constructions such as pillars.


【Series】:Concrete Structures detector

• Intelligent sensor can complete the acquisition work by himself, and upload the data to the computer through the WIFI, get rid of signal wire entanglement, efficient, fast and smooth;
• True 24 bit A/D data acquisition, the test wave form is more real, to avoid the noise and signal distortion caused by large floating point amplification;
• The real-time analysis of detected waves, a new wave let analysis in complex situations can be more accurate to judge pile integrity;
• Intelligent upgrade detection software in the PAD online


• Control Mode: A8 Embedded platform
• Data storage: 4GB
• Trigger: Signal trigger
• Noise voltage of the system: ≤1 mV
• Amplifier frequency range: 10Hz~10kHz
• Sampling time intervals: 1µs~64ms adjustable
• Max length of sampling: 4096
• Amplitude nonlinear degree: ≤10%
• A/D resolution: 24 bit
• Number of channels: 2
• Frequency range of Transducer: 0.5~9000 Hz(acceleration mode)
• Interference between channels: ≤1%
• Dimensions: 210mmx149mmx60mm
• Monitor: 5.4 inch、high brightness、TFT Color LCD
• Operation Mode: key+Touch screen
• Ports: USB port
• Dynamic range: 184 dB
• Input impedance: 1 MW
• Time resolution: 5µs
• Gain error: ≤1 dB
• Timing accuracy: ≤1%
• Sentinel magnify (time): 1、2、5、10、20、50、100,adjustable
• Max magnify (times): 256000
• Transducer sensitivity: 100 mv/g(acceleration mode)
• Continuous operating hours: >5 hrs
• Power: AC:220V±10%,DC:+12V
• Weight: 1.3kg(lithium battery included)
Standard accessories:

• Wireless sensors
• Pad Samsung Note 7"
• Hammer stocked with interchangeable tips
• Battery charger
• Carrying case
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