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R630A Rebar locator
  • R630A Rebar locator
R630A Rebar locator

R630A is used to test the location of rebar in concrete, the thickness of the protective layer, and the diameter, orientation, and distribution of rebar by using an electromagnetic induction method. It also can be used to test the distribution of magnetic and conductor such as cables and metal pipes in non-magnetic medium and non-conducting medium.

【Series】:Concrete Structures detector
The rebar detector R630A  is used to determine:
1. localization and distribution of rebar [General-Scan];
2. Measure the thickness of rebar cover [General-Scan];
3. Measure the diameter of bars and stirrups [General-Scan];
4. Graphic reconstruction of the grid [Grid-Scan];
5. Display the rebars in section for assessing the deviation from the known rebar cover to each bar or stirrup [Profile-Scan];


• Diameters measurement range: Ф6mm~Ф50mm
• Maximum allowed error for diameters measurement: ±1 rebar standard level
• Protective layer thickness range (mm):
- First range: 3~98
- Second range: 3~196
• Maximum allowed error for protective layer (mm):
- ±1 First range: 6~56; Second range: 3~79
- ±2 First range: 57~69; Second range: 80~119
- ±4 First range: 70~98; Second range: 120~196
• Corrosion detection method: Single electrode / Double electrode
• Measuring range:
- Single electrode: ±1000mV
- Double electrode: 0~1000 mV
• Accuracy:
- Single electrode: ±1mV
- Double electrode: ±1mV
• Tested points interval X (cm):
- Single electrode: 0~100 adjustable
- Double electrode: 20 fixed
• Tested points interval Y (cm):
- Single electrode: 0~100 adjustable
- Double electrode: 0~100 adjustable
• Power: Built-in chargeable lithium battery
• Battery Time: >38 hours
• Dimensions: 212mm x 134mm x 50mm
• Weight: 0.9Kg
• USB port: thumb drive storage available
• Central unit Novascan R630A
• Small Probe
• Large Multi-parameter probe
• Professional software for analysis and reporting
• Battery charger
• USB drives with Instruction Manual
• Pencil
• Certificate of conformity
• Rigid suitcase for transport
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