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Multi-channel ultrasonic detector
  • Multi-channel ultrasonic detector
Multi-channel ultrasonic detector
【Brief】:U5700 series Multichannel Ultrasonic Pile Integrity Tester is the perfect device for cross-hole acoustic wave transmission method.


【Series】:Multichannel Ultrasonic Pile Integrity Tester
Field of use
U5700, multi-channel ultrasonic detector, is the perfect device for Cross-Hole acoustic wave transmission method. This instrument is specifically designed for testing piles foundation integrity by using the acoustic wave transmission method integrated with the unique multi-channel self- emission / self-receiving function. It also enables the concrete pile all-profile test with only one lift (3 o 4 acoustic testing pipes embedded), which makes the detection process more efficient and simpler.

Available functions:
1. Cross-Hole 4 channels, automatic encoder;
2. Measure concrete resistance 25/50KHz;
3. Localization and Mapping of defects inside the concrete component;
4. Measuring the crack depth.

• Testing 3 or 6 profiles per lift. The lifting speed > 60 meters per min (5 points per meter);
• Gains and delays are adjustable for evry channel at any time, it ensures the data accuracy and reliability;
• Display all 6 profile information on one screen, thus making the quality of the entire rebar pile clear;
• 4 radical transducer part with different colors, makes simple operation convenient and efficient;
• During testing, you can adjust internal test point at any time and do “encryption” test point for important key parts;
• Can switch viewing bar graph, wave train graph, Depth curve, and record user’s use habits;
• Horizontal test, inclined test, retest, and finer increment testing multi modes, allow you to have an accurate identification of pile shaft defects;
• Built-in mass SSD (solid state disk) and mass lithium battery are perfect for field work;
• Data transfer trough U disk. Fast and convenient;
• Built-in GPS orientation module, can get the GPS information of every foundation pile and save to data files of detection;
• Built-in WIFI module, LAN access through wireless routing, it make data transmission more conveniently and quickly;
• Very high signal strength that allows you to perform surveys over long distances. Particularly suitable for the control of industrial buildings;
• Low frequency sonic survey (25KHz);
• Automatic gain control;
• Autosaves. fast and intuitive navigability;
• LCD color touchscreen;
• Internal high capacity Lithium battery;
• USB port for transferring data from the internal memory;
• Small size and light weight make it very easy to transport on the construction site;
• Professional software for data processing and test reports creation.



• Model: U5700
• Function: measure concrete resistance 25/50KHz, Localization and mapping of defects inside the concrete component, Measuring the crack depth, Cross-Hole 4ch aut.
• Control mode: Low power consumption. Quad-core processors
• Monitor (HD high brightness TFT LCD screen): 10.4 inch
• Data Storage: Internal Micro SD (TF). Standard 8GB and can expandable U Disk
• Operation Mode: Touch screen
• Signal collecting Mode (sampling point bu point): 4 channels auto
• Channels: 4 independent
• Trigger: signal
• Sampling interval: 0.025 s ~ 204.8 s, 14 adjustable
• Acoustic transit time accuracy: 0.025 s
• Measuring range: 0 ~ 4 s
• Amplifier gain: 100 dB
• Amplifier bandwidth: 10 ~ 250 KHz
• Receiver sensitivity: 30 V
• Amplifier gain accuracy: 0.025 %
• Emission voltage (V): 65, 250, 500, 1000 V adjustable
• Emission pulse-width: 2 s ~ 20 ms adjustable
• Ports: USB
• Power
I. Internal: Built-in lithium battery 6 hrs
II. External: External port: 9V DC
III. Alternating Current Power: 220V, 50 Hz
• Size (mm): 271x220x70
• Weight: 2.5 Kg (lithium battery included)
• Operational environment: Temperature: 0 °C ~ + 40°C Humidity: < 90 % RH
Standard accessories:
• No.1 Acquisition unit U5700 tablet rugged IP67 multichannel;
• No.1 Automatic wireless encoder (possible use with wire);
• No.4 probes, length 100m;
• No.4 Guide Wire;
• USB pen drive and software for data processing;
• Battery charger;
• No.1 Measuring tape 5m;
• No1 Compass;
• No.2 Rugged case for transport;
• Manual.

• No.2 UT probes 50KHz, L=10m;
• No.2 UT probes 25KHz, L=10m (for ultrasonic survey low frequency)
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