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R660 Integrated Rebar Scanner
  • R660 Integrated Rebar Scanner
  • R660 Integrated Rebar Scanner
R660 Integrated Rebar Scanner
【Brief】:R660 is a rebar detector capable of an accurately measuring of the position of the longitudinal rods and the stirrups, the thickness of the rebar cover and the diameter of the armature. Speed, accuracy and resolution make the R660 the most powerful rebab detector on the market today.
【Series】:Concrete Structures detector
Main characteristics:
• Integrated sensor that facilitates and speeds up the magnetometer survey;
• Localization, measure of rebar cover and the diameter of the rebars are displayed in real time and with high precision; all on the same screen; 
• Five scan modes to suit different test needs: [JGJ Scan], [Profile Scan], [Signal Scan], [Grid Scan], [Scan Image]; 
• The position of the rebars is indicated by beep and LED light over the viewfinder that makes it extremely intuitive interpretation. The distance between the bars is provided automatically on the same graph;
• Particularly suitable for tight bars;
• Increased distance supported than models R630A and R800: 65m for the [Scan Profile] and [Grid Scan], 10m to the mode [Signal Scan]; 
• Two ways to view the data, graphically and numerically for better and quick read;
• LCD transflective 3.5 "color high resolution. 6 colors selectable interface; 
• Software for analysis and creation of test reports;
• Rechargeable lithium battery with high capacity; 
• Integrated, compact, portable and convenient to carry.


Protective layer thickness range (mm): Ø6 - Ø50

Max range (mm)
• First range: 2-100
• Second range: 2-20

Maximum allowed error for protective layer:
• ±1 (mm): 2~60
• ±2 (mm): 61~80
• ±3 (mm): 81~90
• ±4 (mm): 91~133
• ±5 (mm): 134~169
• ±6 (mm): 170~200

Applicable range (mm): Ø6~Ø50
Test accuracy (mm): 0.1


• [JGJ Scan]
• [Profile Scan]
• [Signal Scan]
• [Grid Scan]
• [Image Scan]
• 3D imaging
• Scan range: borderless

Data correction

Data transmission: USB
Screen: 320x240
Power: Built-in battery
Size (mm): 240x93x110
Weight (kg): 0,68
Probe: integrate
• Software ZRW for data processing
• USB Cable
• Manual 
• Battery charger 
Pre:U5200 Ultrasonic Detector
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